Can you guys do me a favor? [Blood Donation]

I can’t give blood again until a year after my final cancer treatment. I figure I’m at least two years away from donating again.

Ivygirl wanted to donate blood once she turned 16, so I took her yesterday. Unfortunately, whether her veins are too small or because she’s a slow pumper, they couldn’t get the pint in 20 minutes, which is the deadline. They had to throw out what they did get. Poor baby got stuck in each arm and only has a couple of spectacular bruises to show for it. She can try again in August, and they told her to drink a lot of water before she comes again.

So, since I can’t donate blood right now, can those of you who can, please make an effort? I was maybe a pint or two away from my second gallon. It’s only a few minutes of your time, and I don’t think the Red Cross suffers very often from a glut of donated blood (I think the last time was September 12, 2001.)

Well, that’s a worthy cause as any.
Trevor (who never gives blood)

I ought to. I really ought to. Scares the heck out of me.

I would, but I am ineligible. Apparently my sexuality is a risk factor.

Yeah, I know, that sucks. My SIL spent a year in England about 10 years ago…AFAIK, she STILL can’t give blood.

If you spend the effort to tell me the nearest location from Winter Park, then count me in :slight_smile:

I will be more than happy to donate blood to the Red Cross, once they stop being afraid of women who have sex with men who have sex with men.

Sorry, hon - I would love to help you, but the Red Cross won’t take me.

I would, truly. But alas, I can’t give either due to some medical conditions.

I’ve given around 50 times in my life. I think I’ve taken up a bit of the slack for the rest of you. :slight_smile: And hey! The last time I went in to give platelets, there was a fellow Doper in the next couch!

One of the (many) things I haven’t gotten around to doing since I moved here was to locate some place I could donate blood. I wonder if UNC Hospital, which I can get to fairly easily on public transit, takes blood.

I also used to donate platelets, until they started having trouble finding a suitable vein because of all the scar tissue.

I donated a couple of months ago. I don’t go as often as I’m allowed to, mostly because I feel weak and drained for a few days afterwards. But I work in a hospital blood bank, so I get to see things from the other side, too, and yes, there is a huge need for blood. My area is in a critical shortage of Oneg and Bneg units, meaning that only life-or-death situations are getting those right now. Don’t feel like you aren’t needed if you’re a “common” type like Opos or Apos, though, because we need that too!

Ditto. I guess they’re afraid that I got infected with Teh Gay.

I think that deserves a whole bag of these: :rolleyes:

A good cause, for sure.

I don’t meet their weight requirement, so I can’t :frowning: I will get some of my friends to donate though, just for you :slight_smile: Pinky swear.

You forgot “[gay sex stipulations] even once, since 1979.” My favorite story about blood donation is how I did donate once freshman year. Then I became ineligible for life.

I always hate how when the subject of blood donation comes up, I get up on my soapbox about how I can’t donate. I’ve even (almost) gotten over my fear of needles, thanks to getting shots and blood drawn every so often for the last 6 months. (Watching the needle go in is neat!)

I have gone in a couple of times since then to check the eligibility requirements, but they haven’t changed. They went ahead and gave me the swag they were giving away for donators though which was nice. (And I’m finally out of the 6-month waiting period after a new tattoo or piercing, for the first time in the last 3 years ;))

I would love to, but until the doctor takes me off of blood thinners, I can’t.
Over six gallons donated, and now I can’t give. :frowning:
::: counts on fingers:::
If you count platelets, make that seven gallons.

Auto your wish, my command.
Florida’s Blood Centers—Winter Park
5201 Raymond St., Bldg. 3126 • Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 644-8927 l 407-644-7609
Hours: Mon, Tue, Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Wed, Thu 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

I was just thinking I should donate again soon. If any americans reading this thread would like to know where their nearest blood drive is, they should check out the Red Cross’s website which has a blood drive locater.

I had this weird fear for twenty years, after trying it twice - I imagined panicking while the needle was in me, and how messy it could get. Eventually, when the stars were right, I got around to accepting internally the foolishness of this (of which I was always intellectually aware) and it turned out to be no big deal in the end.

I’ve been unable to schedule a trip for a while thanks to employer-related silliness, but I’m pleased to resort it’s perfectly possible to overcome a decades-long phobia and find you’re a good donor in the end - about five minutes to produce a unit of best-quality O+, which isn’t the best possible but still pretty darn useful.

Um, I think their more afraid of being infected with Teh HIV. After all, they allow gay woman to donate. I think it’s pretty obvious that not allowing gay men isn’t due to homophobia, but rather their much higher incidence of HIV.

Similarily, I seriously doubt that the ban on recent travelers to foeign countires isn’t due to xenophobia.

I’m O+ too. I think Ivylad is a rarer one…A- or something. I wonder what that makes the Ivykids?

Ivyboy’s donated twice, at least.

I’m sorry for you guys who can’t donate because of your sexuality. I wonder why the Red Cross won’t take proof of an HIV negative test?

If not today, then next weekend.