Can you have intercourse the night before a pap smear?

Need answer quick!

Just to make sure you get the answer you need quick, should we assume that you mean penis-vagina penetrative intercourse without barrier contraception?

That would be it. And hurry, before DH pulls his boxers down. LOL

The best bet might be to call the doctor’s office to ask.

Glamour sex expert Dr. Hutcherson says wait 48 hours.

Are you wondering if some Magical Vaginal Force Field* occurs due to the impending test? Not usually. You may distort the test results if you have sex, douche, use creams, etc., but you still physically ‘can’.

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To answer the OP, of course you can.

Now a better question, to which I have no idea about the answer is: will having sex the night before a pap smear affect the results?

Use a condor… er, condom. Birds and cats don’t mix!

Do you like having Pap smears? Unless you do, I suggest refraining. You may screw up the test results, and nothing sucks more than an abnormal Pap. It freaks you out and you have to get one every six months until they come back “clear” twice in a row. My doc told me not to have sex 24 hours and preferably 48 hours beforehand.

If I were you (or your husband), I’d use a different orifice.

Yeah. The only time mine ever came back abnormal was when I’d had sex in the last day. I had to go back for the secondary test where they take what I can only assume was a drill bit with a brush on it and attacked my cervix to get extra cells.

Awful. Normal paps don’t bother me at all. THAT was awful.

Thanks for the quick answers. Glad I asked.

When I ever get an exam (at Planned Parenthood) they stress nothing in the vaginal canal for 48 hours before a pelvic exam. Because they are PP and are awesome, they don’t beat around the bush (heh) - “that means no fingers, no dildos, nothing, not even a tampon.”

I’d recommend stopping in Blue Ball for the night, then you can make it to Intercourse the next day.

You owe me a novelty Pennsylvania tourism bumper sticker.

Always best have a plan BJ.

DH isn’t. :wink:

Well, as a pathologist I’ve seen more than a few Pap smears* where it was evident that intercourse had occurred, if not the night before Pap collection, then in the recent past (i.e. sperm present). That does not affect Pap interpretation.

With current liquid-based Pap technology, I can’t think of anything that would negatively affect Pap evaluation other than use of lubricants, which interfere with the ThinPrep process and cause insufficient cells to adhere to the slide. We generally assume that a lubricant problem crops up in the doc’s office as a part of the exam procedure, but I suppose it could have occurred before then.

*these days very few docs prepare actual smears; the correct term is Pap test.