Can you help identify this movie?

This question arises from reading the nonfiction book Sons of Sinbad by Alan Villiers.

In early 1939 he was at Zanzibar, where he saw a Hollywood movie based on a Broadway play (and presumably produced at least a year or so earlier). Here’s his description:

Anyone recognize this?

I don’t know but the “sexy stenographer” was a popular character in the early 20th century, as the profession was almost entirely women and the job required not only that they could type well, but also be attractive and mostly mute. During the 1930s the “sexy stenographer” was slowly but completely replaced by the “sexy secretary,” so it’s likely this film is from the 20s or very early 30s.

Having Wonderful Time

I think you’ve nailed it.

I saw this on TCM a year or two ago. Lucille Ball was just gorgeous and had a lovely voice completely unlike the one heard on television more than a decade later.