Can you help me find an obscure theater review?

This is a bit of an “impossible google quest,” but if someone is bored and want a challenge, this is certainly it.

I’m looking for reviews of a musical theater production called “Prime.” All I know about it is:
[li]It ran, breifly, in Los Angeles at some point after 2003[/li][li]It was written by a song writer from Santa Cruz, CA[/li][li]The theater it premiered in had 300 seats[/li][li]It got terrible reviews[/li][li]The writer’s sister directed it, and I believe the two of them were the entire cast[/li][/ul]

I’ve searched and found nothing, but f someone can find this, I will be very, very, very impressed.

Prime: The Rock Musical by Luke Lehman


Variety huh?

Given the OP’s description, I’d expect the headline to be Bro’s Show Closes: His Sis Amiss