Can you help me identify a movie?

A few weeks ago, I saw a relatively new movie recommended. It was about some man who was in a Nazi concentration camp and I think its title had something to do with one of his relatives.

Perhaps something like … “My Brother” or “My Long Lost Brother” or “My Nephew” or something along those lines?

I’m very sorry to ask for your help when I have so little information.

But it was recommended as one of the best new movies to come out and I just have no idea why it seems to have disappeared so suddenly.

Would anyone have any guesses as to the possible title of this film?

It didn’t last long because contemporary society has more interest in films starring Will Ferrell.

Oh yes! Thank you so much.

Son of Saul. That’s it.

Unfortunately, contemporary society is really stupid. Sad to say.

Says the man who can’t remember the name of a film he saw “a few weeks ago.”

And if it’s not in the theaters any more, that’s not because “contemporary society has more interest in films starring Will Ferrell.” It’s an independent film in Hungarian, German and Yiddish. It was never going to get a wide release on 2,000 screens in North America. On the other hand, it’s up for Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars; it might get re-released to the arthouse market.

Aaaaaaaand why is that?

You’re treading ground already tread. You’ve demonstrated the ability to read Wiki pages, and speculate, very well. I apologize if you enjoy Will Ferrell films. I didn’t mean it like that. I think.

I posted a question. Mince answered that question and I then thanked Mince. I think that most people would realize at that point, this thread was over and done with.

I never said that I saw the movie and I never did see the movie. That is why I was asking for its name. I asked for its name because I wanted to see the movie.

If you re-read my OP, you will see that what I said was I saw the recommendation.

But then more than an hour later, you came into this thread with guns blazing (metaphorically speaking) apparently looking for a fight. Or so it seemed to me. I sure didn’t want any part of a fight. Why do you seem to want a fight?

You criticized me for not remembering the name of a film I saw when I never saw it and I never said I saw it.

Why are you looking for a fight? What is it that is troubling you? Have I ever done anything bad to you? I honestly don’t think I have.

I would suggest that before you point the finger at others perhaps you might like to … (I think the remainder of this post is better left unsaid).

Everyone, take any sniping at anyone else to the Pit.

Charlie Wayne, Son of Saul is still showing at the sort of movie theater where foreign movies are shown. Granted that I live in an area that has more of those theaters than most places, but there are three showings at one theater and three at another theater within twenty miles of me just today. Where do you live? Go to the IMDb, enter “Son of Saul”, and then click on “Get Showtimes & Tickets”. You don’t have to ask us if a movie is showing near you, since this website will tell you where any currently showing movie can be seen. I just tried using it for a number of cities in the U.S. I would estimate that Son of Saul is currently showing within easy driving distance of somewhere between 20% and 50% of the U.S. population. That’s for a foreign movie that got a general release within the U.S. on December 18th of last year, so it was showing even more places earlier in its run.

Actually, based on Box Office Mojo numbers, that film started in three screens in the US and last week was on 55 screens with the number of screens increasing over that period.