Can you ID these corn chips?

OK, I bought a bag of chips, and decided I liked them. They’re probably actually produced by a member of “Big Corn Chip,” but they didn’t carry a “Big Chip” name. All I remember was that it started with an “S,” and it was a Spanish-sounding name. The only thing I’ve found so far was a Frito-Lay brand called “Santitas,” but the ones I found were “spicy” chips, and the only “Santitas” I’ve found on the net were just plain ole chips.

Any ideas???

Santitas are indeed a brand of chips… there are some in my dorm room because they are cheap. :slight_smile:

Maybe look at and see if anything looks familiar. They have quite a few chips listed. The site itself seems pretty cool. Hope it helps.

Two more contenders:
Sabrositas >> Link only half loads.

This reminds me of about 15 years ago when my sister-in-law was working for one of the small handful of companies that makes marshmallows. They’re just obscenely gooey, sticky, frightful things to make, so there’s about four marshmallow factories in the US, and this company not only made some of the popular US brands, but also for other countries. We once gorged ourselves on marshmallows when they made too many to export to Saudi Arabia, and they had hundreds of bags that they couldn’t sell, so the employees got to take them home by the crate. We couldn’t read a lick of the Arabic script, but they sure tasted good, having been made just a couple days earlier.

Anyway, one day, a fax comes into the office - pages of white blobs on a black background. One of their customers needed help in identifying a particular variety, so they thought pictures would be useful. Nope. not too useful. :smiley:

The name of the line is “El Sabroso” and the specific name of the chips is “Salsitas.” They are under the label of a company called Snak King. They are also readily available at my local Wally World. (Ingredient list looks pretty bad, but the chips are good, and that’s the important thing.)