Can you identify the people in this photo(Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il)

Here is the famous photo of Bill Clinton meeting Kim Jong Il.

Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il

If you scroll down, you can see the other people standing behind them.

Does anyone know who they are? I assume they are all American and am guessing the lady on the right is Clinton’s translator.

Anyone know the names?

That dude in the middle looks irritated they are taking a picture.

The only one I know is the man behind Clinton’s left shoulder - John Podesta, his Chief of Staff.

Just over Clinton’s left shoulder is his former chief of staff, John Podesta. The man standing farthest to our right I think is Davis Straub, a retired diplomat and expert on Korea. The rest are Secret Service people and “other aides.”

Dang… the subject of this thread made it sound like the world’s easiest question. :slight_smile:

I’m sure that secret service folks were there, but they wouldn’t have been part of a staged photo. In addition to Straub, the other men are Douglas Band, a longtime Clinton aide, Justin Cooper, from Clinton’s foundation, and Roger Band, Clinton’s personal physician. I don’t recognize the female.