Can you identify these two books?

Both are young adult novels that my best friend read as a teenager.

One is about an ancient Egyptian called into the present by a spell or something. Romance novel. The girl who called him into the present had an amulet with blood in it, that she found in an antique shop.

The other book was a werewolf book in which there’s a scene in which a good werewolf grabs a silver cross to defend herself, using it against a bad werewolf, and the cross hurts her as much as it does her enemy.

Not much to go on, I know.

I don’t think this is what you’re looking for, but Pamela Service’s The Reluctant God has at least some of the elements for the Egypt one.

The internet suggests it might be The Egyptian Box by Jane Louise Curry, but I’ve never read it.

I don’t think my answer is quite right either, but what the heck. The girl finding an amulet in an old shop reminded me of one of Bruce Coville’s Magic Shop books, Juliet Dove, Queen of Love.

The Reluctant God is the only one so far that seems to be old enough… she’s not sure if it’s the correct book or not, but she’s bought it, 'cuz it sounds similar, and also sounds pretty good.

Any guesses on the werewolf one? Needle in a haystack, I’m sure.