Can you identify this actress?

Picture here.

I’m asking because I saw this picture used in an article about her (she had the child she’s carrying in this picture) and I was amazed. She’s a famous actress I’ve seen in a number of movies but I never would have recognized her if I saw her on the street looking like this. And she’s not an actress known for wearing a lot of make-up.

The answerUma Thurman

Wow…she looks a lot like my brother’s wife, in that photo. I will have to let them know :smiley:

Yep. Instantly recognized her.

I recognized her right away. But I think it just a particularly bad photo. Several years ago, I saw her fully pregnant (about a week from delivery) at the museum I where I was working as a guard. She was without makeup and her face was bloated and tired, but she still looked better than this picture.

No didn’t recognize her and thought, “Damn she’s ugly” and now I know why.

Nope, didn’t recognize her. For me, she’s one of those actresses who depends heavily on makeup, lighting, wardrobe, camera angle etc. to look fabulous; otherwise she’s meh.

I knew right away who the OP was talking about without even clicking on anything.

I’m not saying she’s bad looking in the photo. I’m just surprised at how unrecognizable she is. I’ve seen other pictures of actresses without make-up and they may not look as glamourous as they do on screen but they’re usually recognizable.

I did too.

I knew right away - I just think she looks tired and bloated and very, very pregnant.

Yep, I knew her. She’s a little puffy at the moment.

Nope. I really tried, but I could not place the face AT ALL. I can’t even see it knowing the answer.

And I’ve actually seen her up close in person. This was years ago and she wasn’t pregnant, but not glammed-up either. I still would never have known from this photo. I am surprised anyone else could recognize her but it must be one of those things, like some see the vase and others see the two faces…?

My guess was an old photo of Liv Ullman. Jeez!

It’ll be hilarious if the Daily Mail prints a correction tomorrow and says it accidentally printed a picture of somebody else.

Uma was the name that came to mind, but I wouldn’t have bet any sort of money on it.

Same. Though I’ve always thought she was kind of unusual looking.