can you identify this metal contraption?

When I was very young, I remember playing with a stainless steel contraption. I believe it had a handle that you could turn, and two main screw-like cylinders that were set at a slight angle to each other and rotated around a central axis. The cylinders would rotate as they orbited the central axis…I can only guess that this was some type of hand-held mixer or something, but I cannot remember much more about it. I remember being careful not to get my fingers caught between the gears. My mother cannot remember the item, and I cannot find any pictures online. I hope that someone will instantly know what I’m talking about.

The only thing it makes me think of is the inside of a pencil sharpener.

pencil sharpener came to mind from the description as well.

The basic picture I had in my mind definitely matches most of the components of a pencil sharpener. Although I pictured it being a little more refined and elegant in appearance, I guess that’s what it was! I remember being puzzled with it and playing with it for hours on end, so I guess it was just the gear part of a broken pencil sharpener. I must have assumed it was for mixing dough or something, because I didn’t know what it was at the time. Thanks gigi! I knew the dope would come through for me.

Some sort of egg beater?

Did it look anything like this?
edit: oh, nevermind.