Can you identify this movie?

I apologize for the minimal information I am providing; it’s all I can remember.

A man is shopping in a mall; every product he sees is without labels - nothing on them to distinguish one from the other. No brands, everything identical.

The movie was some sort of a statement on the capitalist system. I cannot remember if the vibes were largely positive or otherwise; it may also have had post-apocalyptic and/or futuristic overtones. I do not remember seeing excessive violence, so the obvious cyborg genre is ruled out. It happens right here on earth, so space opera is ruled out.

I saw this movie in the late 80s or maybe early 90s. It had a 70s feel to it; but this may not be very reliable.

Again I am sorry I don’t remember more; any help to identify this movie is appreciated.


Could it have been a) Repoman which IIRC, had generic “food” in cans, or b) Eraserhead (which I’ve blocked out of my mind after lots of therapy)?

Repo Man.

I was all excited to say Repo Man because I never get to these threads early enough.

And I still don’t.

Funny coincidence, I saw The Host a day ago and it has a similar scene. The products are all generic labels, the store has a huge sign saying Store, and everything was free.