Can you just keep your eyes closed during a mug-shot (and no, I don't "need answer fast")

Fortunately I’ve never been in a situation where I had to have my mugshot taken (and then posted in the local newspaper) {knocking on wood}.

So since I don’t know if you’re handcuffed at that point or not (which, even if you aren’t, I’m sure they won’t just allow you to hold your hands over your face, and then they just keep retaking the picture until they “get you”), it just occurred to me - what would they do, if the perp refuses to keep his/her eyes open, in the hopes of them being “less recognizable” when the picture gets printed in tomorrow’s newspaper?

This made me laugh. It’s like when my horse puts his head behind the trunk of a tree and thinks he’s invisible.

In my state you have to have eyes open for a Driver License, so I’m thinking that short of unconscious state, they’d find a way to catch eyes at least a little open for mug shots.

By statute when areested for certain offenses photos and or prints are required. During the booking the officer or whoever is administering the law. If you do anything to interfere you are Obstructing the Administration of the Law. So you get an additional charge. No one will hold you down and make you take a photo. Ymmv by jurisdiction.

Less recognizable in the paper tomorrow?

Because no one is going to figure out that it’s you with your name printed under the picture?

In all seriousness they will force you to open your eyes. The purpose of the mug shot is not to embarass you. It’s for the state’s future identification of your ass when you do something else.

How, exactly, does a picture of your mug help with future identification of your ass?

Someone’s taking pictures of the wrong end.

Anyway, Heidi Fleiss’s mug shot:

Do you at least get a chance to review the proofs?

Bruce Jenner looks terrible there. What was the charge?

I see all sorts of mugshots in the local paper where the subject has closed eyes. I don’t believe it’s important to have the eyes open, if the state police were down in Mayberry passing out mugshots to Barney and Andy, they’re not going to be looking straight into the fugitives eyes when they go out looking for him. They’ll see the mugshot, get a sense of the head shape and profile, the hair color, etc, from a distance, then move in to apprehend. I also see all sorts of big goofy grins, bloodshot eyes, squinty eyes, droopy eyes, obviously caused by the drugs or alcohol that likely led to the photographer’s session in the first place.
My license before my current one made me look like I was drunk, and reminded me of the time when Peter Griffin had the idea to be drunk when they took his driver’s license picture; the theory was that if he was pulled over for drunk driving, his facial characteristics would look normal in comparison to his license.
In Indiana, we’re forbidden to smile or show teeth when they take our ID pic at the BMV, apparently they believe smiling makes it easier for people to forge IDs or use someone else’s.

If perps could have their eyes closed, The Sun would have to start using the headline EYELIDS OF A KILLER, which isn’t as catchy.

FWIW, the requirements for passport photos specifically state that you must have both eyes open.

More pirate discrimination. :frowning:

This guy in Sydney did it in 1928.
No record of whether he had his ass beat afterwards.

Aha! They couldn’t beat his ass if they couldn’t recognize it! He was too clever.

I know driver’s licenses require your eyes to be open because your eye color is listed on the license and is part of what’s used to make sure it’s really you. Passports may work the same way.

The difference may be that it’s in someone’s interest to try and look like you for those documents, but it’s not so much for a mug shot.

That seemed to be a recurring problem for Earl Hickey.

This happened recently in Fridley, MN. A woman was found squatting in an empty house that was being renovated. After police removed her, she refused to give her real name, be fingerprinted, or open her eyes for her mug shot. Apparently, she even showered with her jail jumpsuit on to avoid revealing any identifying marks, scars, or tattoos.

The police called her Jane Doe and publicized a picture they took of her with her eyes closed. They eventually found out her true identity by taking her fingerprints off a drinking glass.