Can you manually highlight objects in the XP Start Menu?

I often use customized icons for the folders in the XP Start Menu. This sometimes makes it difficult to quickly discern a folder from some other item.

Can you have Windows highlight certain items in the Start menu as it does with newly installed programs?


So no one knows?

When you say ‘manually,’ do you mean using keyboard instead of a mouse?

Press Ctrl + Esc to engage Windows start menu, then use the arrow keys to navigate. Perhaps this is the information you seek.


No, I think he means he wants some method, like a configuration tool or Registry hack, to control which items in the Start menu are highlighted - as he says, like when you install a new application and for the first few invocations, the app is highlighted. As far as I know, there’s no way of doing this. I’ve searched MSDN and I don’t see any clever registry hacks or programmatic ways of doing it even, let alone an admin tool.