Can you name any famous people who have slipped into comas?

Can you name any famous people who have slipped into comas?

Artists, filmmakers, etc.

Martin Lawrence

Hmmm…off hand can think of an athlete. In Philadelphia, in the mid 1980’s, our top NHL goaltender, Pelle Lindbergh was in an accident and then in a coma. Eventually, life support was removed.

Quite a grim story.

Wasn’t John Wayne in a coma before finally passing?

> Rik Mayall (of The Young Ones, among other shows)

Actor Raul Julia went into a coma eight days before dying.

Verdi (following his stroke).

Burt Reynolds, Eric Roberts, and Gary Busey.

River Phoenix is a “maybe”. The drug GHB was implicated in his death, and overdoses of the drug commonly cause users to go into a coma.

Also Bruce Lee and Kurt Cobain.

Sunny von Bulow

Singer-musician Louis Prima. In 1975, he underwent surgery for a brain tumor, went into a coma, and remained hospitalized until his death almost three years later.

Gerry Garcia of the Greatful Dead was in a coma for almost a month I think. I remember reading about it in a mid 80s Rolling Stones Mag.


It made his hair turn grey. (hence the song Touch of Grey with lyrics as “I will survive”) :slight_smile:

As I recall, rock/soul pioneer Jackie Wilson had a heart attack on stage, and was in a coma for many years, before he finally passed away.

I believe Tupac Shakur was in a coma for about a week before he died.

Abraham Lincoln.

I think there was all of one hour between when President Kennedy was shot and when he was pronounced dead. That doesn’t sound long enough to be decribed as a coma.

Merriam-Webster doesn’t mention time.

Your link doesn’t work.

In any case, two medical dictionaries I consulted before posting called a coma a prolonged unconsciousness.

Thank you, Dr. Killdare.

So, darkhavoc, why do you want to know?