Can you name how many Obama exutive orders that Trump will overturn?

Well, can you?

I assume he’s going to write “REPEAL ALL THE ORDERS” in gold Sharpie on a cocktail napkin, hand it to Chris Christie, then sit back and declare mission accomplished.


President Obama has issued 249 executive orders. So it will be somewhat less than this.

It would be interesting to review the EOs to see which ones are basically pro forma or a small change nobody would really care about. For example, orders 13735 through 13737 just establish an order of succession for some departments, which was probably de facto the case anyway. Nobody is going to bother removing those.

I bet the actual number that people will care about is probably 20 ± 5.

I’m waiting to see if the one about no texting while driving survives.

Assuming he doesn’t issue any new ones in the next couple of months. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a flurry of them, actually. Good for PR, at the very least.

You mean it will be exactly 249. Trumpets wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less.

Several of the EOs are amendments to previous EOs Obama issued. In cases like that you wouldn’t need an EO for both, you’d just eliminate the first. For example, 13639 created the “Presidential Commission on Election Administration”, and that was modified by 13644, so you’d only be repealing 13639 since 13644 would be null and void afterwards.

But even that would be silly, since 13644 established that the commission would cease to exist after two years, so there’s nothing to repeal anymore.

you’re not under the impression that an Executive Order allows a president to create laws, are you?

Trump is. He’s the one who said he was going to get rid of them.

Trump is the guy who said that if Congress doesn’t do what he wants, he’ll fire them.

He believed then, at least, that he could rule by decree.

I’m assuming that DACA is toast.

It’s been the law for four years, hard for that bell be unrung.

Not sure he can walk back that Exec Order that vapourized Bin Ladins head.

It’s not a law; it was implemented via executive action. What Obama giveth, Trump taketh away.