Can you name this piece of music?

First time I think I’ve posted here, but hoping we got some really knowledgeable people on SD that know their music. Most have seen videos that didn’t bother to list the name of certain pieces of music played, so if others have some as well you want to post, maybe you can get help too.

I have several, I’ll start with this one . The music for it starts at the 4:36 mark. I think you’ll like the aerobatics and the dance in the sky that these Russian pilots do as well. Svetlana is very beautiful, and the video is professionally done, so I think you’ll like watching it, but mainly just trying to find the name to this music. Here is the clip.

It’s definitely a Loreena McKennit piece, though I can’t put my finger on exactly which one it is.

ETA: Found it! It’s called Skellig.

It’s “Skellig” by Loreena Mckennitt - link

If you’ve never heard of Loreena McKennitt before, you’re in for a real treat. Gorgeous music, with intellectual and emotional depth.

Hah!, Mahna beat me to it!

Wow, you two are great! I knew this place wouldn’t let me down. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now for the bonus round, would either of you like to try to double your money or walk out now and keep what you presently have? (wink)

Seriously, this next piece, I only have it in my computer. I have searched for days trying to find another internet cite that had this slide show along with this particular music, but I’ve come up empty.

It isn’t a very long clip, just a few minutes, but during the slide show it is showing pictures of Casey Anderson, the man who raises a grizzly bear along with his family and it shows the the bear growing up with them. There’s a great song on it that I’m trying to figure out. It may not even be Russian, but some of the writing is in Russian, would any of you like to try?

If either of you, or anybody else wants to try, please let me know here, and I’ll e-mail you the clip if your mailbox allows that.

Yes, I’m looking forward to hearing more of Loreena, a real treat indeed!

Thanks again for getting me this one!

Sure, Razncain: I’ve sent you a private message.

Sent both the PM and e-mail. Even if you don’t know the music, you’re really going to enjoy that one along with the slide show!

Some of the writing is Spainish on it, but towards the end, it lists a Russian cite. I tried searching out all of the writing in vain, trying to find it elsewhere on the internet, but no luck.

Really looking forward to hearing back from you.

Ok, a little bit of Internet detective work turned up the answer!

Here is a link to the slideshow.

On that page there is mention of the music: “Theme to Bilitis” by Francis Lai and a link to a page that has the mp3

Agent K364, I appreciate you accepting the assignment, and completing the mission. Your job is done here. May 72 virgins accompany you in the afterlife. If you want them sooner, I can recommend some women in Las Vegas, but won’t be able to validate the virgin part.

Seriously, well done, I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many hours I spent trying to find out the name to that music. It fits that slideshow perfect. That one poster on the link you gave really had lots of good information, and I wished I had the soundtrack from Frank Pourcel and his orchestra that he mentions that is on the slideshow. Found plenty on youtube, but not from Pourcel, and they are not too bad either, and one had words to it, not sure if the original piece ever had lyrics are not.

I think in my last days, and if I’m of sound mind, and can do so, I want this piece to be playing in the background, over and over, and if so, I shall go in peace.

Can’t thank you enough, and I owe you big time!

Here’s one youtube piece of it, although it’s not Pourcel’s orchestra if others have trouble with the other links:

Just bumping this to acknowledge what awesome sleuthing was done! :eek: