Can you Name this Plant? Please, Please?

I’ll take a picture and post if needed. But, this one is so distinctive I’m hoping a picture isn’t needed.

It looks like a Monkey Grass on the bottom. Long, long slender tipped green prongs. That part stands about 15 inches tall. Grows in a big circular clump. What’s unique is this tall slender stem that shoots straight up out of the middle of the plant. The shoot/stem thing gets about 4ft to 5 ft tall and has a white, puffy tail at the top. Like a rabbits tail. Sometimes I’ll see two or three of those tall shoots in the plant.

It totally dies off in the winter. I noticed the landscaper at my local restaurant cut it off about 8 inches from the ground a couple weeks ago. It’ll grow back by summer.

This is the South. Arkansas, Louisiana area. Hot, hot temps.

A house three streets over from me has one in the front yard. I can drive by and take a photo if needed. It’s dead now, but still has its distinctive shape.

Pampas grass?

That looks pretty darn close. Pampas Grass or something very similar. The plants I’ve seen here usually just have the one tall stalk or maybe two at most. I wish the plants here got this pretty.

They make a nice border plant at the corner of a driveway as you turn in. Thanks!

I’ll take a photo with my camera and show it to the nursery people. At least now I got a name to suggest.

Around here, pampas grass grows to 5-6 feet tall, not the 15 inches the OP is talking about.

It sure would help, though.


This photo looks similar to Ravenna grass (Saccharum ravennae), which is usually grown in more northerly gardens (a neighbor has two big clumps edging her driveway).

The photo linked to in the OP looks like Liriope (monkey grass), and not the base of either pampas grass or Ravenna grass. I is confused. :confused:

The photo in the OP IS Monkey Grass - the OPer said the base was similar.

I was going for “Audrey” myself


“Fountain Grass” is that height, with the rabbits tail seed system

… Could be a “Maiden Grass”, but thats usually taller.

See pics of Fountain Tail

Just got back from taking the photo. This is at a house three streets over from me.

It’s still dormant from winter. The unique thing is the white flower things look like feathers.

I agree it’s a type of ornamental grass. It can be cut way back now and will grow out very pretty.

Around here, we call that pampas grass. FYI, if you’re thinking of adding it to your yard: it’s landscape herpes. Once you have it, you have it forever.

Here’s the Dave’s Garden entry for pampas grass (if indeed that’s what the OP is seeing - the pic is blocked here at work, and I’m still doubtful because pampas is several feet high) and anyone considering adding it should glance at the negative comments. Summary:

[li]invasive [/li][li]non-native[/li][li]sharp leaves[/li][/ul]

Note that some communities ban planting pampas grasses as part of their codes or bylaws.

Huh. One of the comments mentions a dwarf version. Maybe that’s what the OP is seeing?

hmm, that’s good to know. It looks pretty self contained in that photo I took of the house in my neighborhood. Just a big clump of ornamental grass marking the entrance to the driveway. The other place I saw it was in a landscape bed at a restaurant. Surrounded by concrete and asphalt. It would be impossible to spread there. A concrete landscape bed might be the best and safest place to plant one.

I’ll have to rethink then. It’s pretty. But I don’t want something taking over the front yard.

Pampas grass seeds are heavily dependent on wind dispersal. If the wind blows, you’ll get more pampas grass not immediately connected to the first plant. Unfortunately, cutting off the seed-bearing stalks before they can blow away with the wind also shakes seed loose, spreading the pampas grass as well.

I heard advice about this, if you’re going to plant it, plant it in the ground in the container it came in. Cut out the bottom so it doesn’t drown (or something like that, it’s old advice I’m remembering), but still has a perimeter barrier. Same thing I heard about rosemary.

wow, the comments at that link are scathing. I’m glad that I asked about this plant before purchasing. I’ve admired it from afar for years. I’ll keep admiring it from afar. lesson learned. :slight_smile:

It is a hideously noxious invasive weed around here (California). You have to dig the clumps out with an axe. The photo the OP linked to looked like dead pampas grass (it does not go dormant here). The leaves will cut you, they are serrated and sharp.

Naive city people spread them by harvesting the pretty plumes and letting the seeds drift about.

There are dwarf versions of pampas grass available now. They grow in zone 6 or warmer areas. Even in zone 6 they can be winter-killed if not properly protected. In the cooler zones, you might see feather reed grass, which has the same fountain-y look when dispersing seeds.

If I ever see a rabbit with a tail like that, I’ll report it to the authorities. To me, that flower looks elongated, more feather-like, and pretty much one-sided. When the OP said “white, puffy tail at the top. Like a rabbits tail,” that’s what I thought he meant - round, puffy, and like a rabbit’s tail. Gotta be more clear here.

It looks like Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis) to me. The cultivar Yaku Jima gets to the 4-5’ foliage height mentioned in the OP and in the winter here on Long Island, it looks very similar to the photo provided.

Pampas Grass is rarely seen and used up here, probably because it gets too cold. Other than the showy flowers it just doesn’t perform well in the garden.