Can you post a GIF in a comment?

Can you post a GIF in a comment?

Do you mean an animated GIF?

If so, I believe the answer is no, only in a spoiler saying it is an animated GIF.

Thank you for checking first.

Where is that rule, it’s a new one on me? Not saying I don’t believe you, just want to see it (and anything else I might have missed related to picture posting). Because I’ve posted animated GIFs in BBQ threads, and no-one told me it was verboten.

Never mind, I see it in the New Rules pinned post. Nothing there about spoiler tags, though.

I was suggesting the spoiler tag as a way around it. Though it might not work right anyway.

Are you trying to ask whether it’s technically possible or rules-permissible? A few seconds thought when you ask a question will get you better answers.

Assuming the former, we have threads and threads on how to post images. The very short version being you can’t uploade them here. Instead you upload them to your favorite photo sharing site then post a link here.

If the security at the photo sharing site is configured to not need a login to show the image, AND you put the url on a line by itself in your post AND the url ends with “.gif” (or “.jpg” or “.png”) then people will see your pic. If any of those things aren’t true instead they’ll see a clickable url that might show them the pic when clicked.

@What_Exit: Yeah, the spoiler tag is probably the wrong one, since it just blurs content. It would probably be better to use the details tag (“Hide details” in the cog menu above:

This text will be hidden

It looks like GIFs don’t resolve in the Hide Detail either. I like that one as Summary can be changed to “Warning GIF”

Warning Animated GIF

GIF - Wikipedia

Animated gifs do actually display here like any other graphics, but NOT inside spoilers or hidden text for some reason.

Your link above also wasn’t directly to the gif itself. It should have been to:

I don’t think they should be allowed, though.

They’re not allowed. As per TubaDiva and thus until further notice.