can you really send a brick "no postage necessary"?

I find this suggestion pretty exciting . Will this really work? Should the Post Office introduce regulations to specifically prevent this situation?

Cecil Adams on: Can I mail a brick back to a junk-mail firm using the business reply envelope?

Prepaid postage envelopes only cover first class postage and most only cover up to 1 ounce, 13 ounces at the most. Bulk mailers caught on to this years ago and have taken measures to prevent it from happening. My BIL is a postmaster, last time I visited he had a stack of about 40 different bricks and rocks that were intercepted from idiots trying what the OP’s site suggests. Getting caught can result in charges.

I guess the post office sometimes slips up and lets a brick through, because I used to work in the mailing room of a company that did some bulk mailing, and we received a brick once. I took it home and used it as a weight around the house - pressing art projects flat, holding doors open, etc. I like that it was all taped up, because it didn’t leave brick dust around.


No brick, but you can definitely shove all the crap that came in the original envelope into the prepaid return envelope.

The link I gave above mentions the potential for being charged with “abuse of the mails.”

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Be creative-mix it with the crap from other junk mailers.

I once filled the return envelope with lead tire weights - I never received anything again from that company.