Can you remove paint from wallpaper?

My dog accidentally closed herself in the bathroom and destroyed the doorjamb trying to get out. We pulled the piece of wood off and underneath it we discovered that the house’s previous owners painted over this really cool vintage 1976 bicentennial wallpaper with crappy white paint. They didn’t even prime, and they painted right over specks of dirt and hair :rolleyes: . Is there any way to get this paint off the wallpaper (and the paneling on the bottom half of the wall, for that matter) without taking off or ruining the wallpaper? When I looked online, all I could find was sites about removing wallpaper.


Essentially: No.

If you had a piece of wallpaper that had accidentally been painted in a section, and it was part of an historic house, an expert in restoration could probably remove the paint and enable you to continue your valuable restoration.

In other words, find a restorer and for 1500 U.S. bucks he could remove the paint from a partially painted piece of wall paper.

If you have a room that was painted over paper, you are realistically out of luck…

Although, since you now know can’t lose, try mineral spirits.