Can You repair an Asphalt Shingle roof?

On the south side of our roof, there are a few shingles that are showing evidence of deterioration (pebbles coming off). the north side is OK. As I cannot afford to replace the roof, is it possible to coat the deteriorated areas to extend the life a few years? Anybody have experiece? No leaks , but I am concered-or can i just slap on some roof cement and sit tight?

Been there and done that.
Badly damaged shingles can be replaced. … Carefully …
There was a mastic like coating/paint for coating weathered asphalt shingled roofs. Check the Big Box Home Supply Stores.
When reshingling time comes be sure to remove all of the old shingles.
Apply new felt under layment. Lay new shingles with 1/3 tab spacing instead of 1/2 tab to minimize washing out of grit.