Can you Run a Program on a USB Memory Card

I have a 256 megabyte usb flash drive, and I also have a ringtone editor for my cell phone. Would it be possible to run the ringtone editor on my 256mb flash drive?

It depends; if it’s a simple executable file, then it should be possible to run it from any removable media you like - it might take a bit longer than usual to launch, if it’s on a device that doesn’t have the same data throughput capability as a hard drive, but it should run OK.

If it’s a program that needs to be installed in such a way as to add DLLs and registry entries to Windows (I assume from the fact you didn’t specify OS that we are talking about Windows), then it’s not going to run directly from the USB stick, at least, you could install it to the stick, but you won’t be able to run it on any other machine than the one you perform the install process on.

And if it’s a simple executable that can be run from the removable medium, but it needs to be able to write repeatedly (for example, if it has some kind of local database) to the location where the executable file resides, then it will work, but installing it to a flash memory device might not be a good idea, as these devices have a fairly limited rewrite cycle life.

What Mangetout said and…

There’s a useful guide to portable applications on wikipedia.