Can you shrink fleece?

My head tells me no, because it’s an artificial polymer

Gut says that if I wash it in really hot water and dry it in hot, it’s gonna get smaller
So, can it be done?

If so, is it advisable to do this on clothes to obtain uniform shrinkage? Basically, I’ve got a fleece shirt that’d I’d like a bit smaller, and I can’t find the smaller size

I assume we are talking Performance Fleece or Polar Fleece and not actual wool fleece.

You can melt the fleece down to a smaller size. Doing so evenly could be difficult. It would also make the fleece brittle.

The shorter answer to the OP is: No.

Yes, like Polartec, not the stuff that the Argonauts sought after. (I figured that was assumable when I said “artificial polymer” :wink: )

I have decades old fleece that is essentially the same size as when purchased. It’s doesn’t shrink much if at all.

I don’t know, but I’d like to fleece my shrink.

Don’t they do that in Russia? :smiley: