Can you still sign to get codeine cough syrup

My dentist used to give me a prescription for high fluoride gel to help fight cavities. I recently found that a prescription is no longer needed, but I still have to get it from the pharmacist and not just over the counter. I remember that at one time you used to be able to get codeine cough syrup from the pharmacy without a prescription, but you had to show I.D. and sign for it. Is this still so? My drug law book from the pd doesn’t mention it, and I’m not asking my captain, least he think I’m trying to score narcotics. It’s just a question folks/mods. No intent behind it.

Last time I got codeine cough syrup, I did need a prescription.

Yes, you can. The trick is to convince the pharmacist that you’re not a druggie, since asking for the stuff is like holding up a sign saying “I am a druggie in need of a fix”.

I do not sell codeine without a prescription.

miatachris, R.Ph.

A couple of years ago, I read about the codiene phenomenon in Houston. It seems to be unusually popular in this great cities, with local rappers and DJ’s putting stuff out in its honor (i.e. the late DJ Screw, Big Moe’s “Purple Stuff”). “Leaning on syrup” is a popular term to describe a codiene high.

I remember skating about 3 years ago when a car came behind me. The rap out of the car seemed to be in slow motion. I erroneosly concluded that since the car was travelling faster than I was, that the sound must be hitting my ears more slowly. Silly me. It really is rap slowed down to an eeiry level. Ideal for Listening to on syrup. Some call it “scrookin,” after DJ Screw. DJ Screw od’d on syrup, or a mixture of chemicals including syrup.