Can you strengthen spine bone density in the way you kick and punch a punching-bag?

So, apparently attacking a punching-bag actually strengthens arm and leg BONES, not just muscles. Even jumping up and down strengthens leg bone density. (Just found all this out; don’t laugh at me; I don’t know anything; you guys know things.) I have a bad lower back so my question is, can I strengthen my SPINE BONE DENSITY by a similar method? Can I turn around and jump backwards at a punching bag over and over?? I’m NOT looking for MUSCLE-strengthening solutions (those are everywhere), unless they’re such that they increase spine bone density. (?) thanks gang!!!

Has a doctor actually diagnosed you with a spine bone density problem? I also have lower back problems, but their cause is spinal stenosis, a problem with the actual spinal cord.

I dont think most back problems are an issue of bone density, but muscle problems
and discs that at beat to hell or ruptured etc?

if your bone density is a problem, the LAST thing you need are repeated sharp blows to the spine.
The best way to improve bone density is weightlifting, the spine is loaded along the direction it evolved to support. You’ll need coaching on protecting your back while doing so.
Back problems are generally injured muscles or ruptured discs. For that, you need a doctor and possibly a physical therapist to determine the exact problem.