Can you suggest a good crock pot?

My crock pot won’t get hot enough to cook potatoes, cut up very small, after cooking 12 hours. Still almost crunchy. (in beef stew)

I’m afraid I can’t get the company to give me a refund because:

  1. it was a gift @3 years ago…I know it was from Walmart but don’t have any proof.
  2. I sent the company a really nasty message. They aren’t likely to want to help me. (I complained that the potatoes were crunchy–with a lot more verbage–and the response was something like “if you cooker gets too hot, take it back to where you purchased it” which caused me to send another e-mail about how could it get too hot when the potatoes were CRUNCHY–well you get the idea. It was not pretty.)

I got a good one by Rival at Williams-Sonoma. It’s 6 quarts and pretty high powered, it seems. I probably paid more than necessary for it to get it at W-S, but since I figure it will last and cook a lot of cheap meals I’m not losing sleep over the price (about$60).