Can you take cough medication while on an SSRI?

So anyway, I’ve had a really obnoxious cough for the last few days. I was going to take some Robitussin for it, when I remembered that I’d read somewhere recently that recommended against taking cough syrup while taking an SSRI. I currently take 60mg of generic fluoxetine (prozac) per day.

Anyway, I’m having trouble finding real information on this. Is it really a problem to take one while on the other? I’ve noticed that many cough syrups have pseudoephedrine in them; is this the source of the possible problem, or is it the other main active ingredient in cough syrup (DXM)? Anyone else take cough syrup while under an SSRI regimen?
Disclaimer: this is, of course, not a solicitation for medical advice. I’m just trying to sort through the information.

I mixed cough syrup and Lexapro awhile ago with no noticeable ill effects.

The active ingredient in my cough syrup is Carbocisteine, if that makes any difference.