Can you tell a joke in 4 words or less?

Coolidge: You lose.

That’s what she said.

I wager $5 that I can find a Calvinist minister that’s heard it before. :wink:

It’s just too good to not have been invented more than once.

Exorcist non-payment equals repossession.

I didn’t get it at first… but now I know it is funny! Ha!

Scotsman, sheep.

Seal walks into club…

Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln…

Make America great… AGAIN!

No dictionary defines gullible.

Virgin Mary loves chocolate!

Prevent: farts before beans.

What…Women Want?

Corduroy pillows make headlines!

How old is the target audience? Say the four words “farty poopy butt face” to a four year old and you’ll be a comedic god!

Otherwise, throw in an Intrinsically Funny Word or two and see where things go. “My chicken schnitzel collapsed!”

Black, like my men.

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Mom died… not!!! :slight_smile:
Hey, I didn’t say it was a good joke.

Same as in town.

“Tuning a mellotron doesn’t.” - Robert Fripp

Pompous and pretentious? Moi???

(Not original, but fits the theme.)