Can you tell a joke in 4 words or less?

Four words or fewer?

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(insert the name of some ethnic classification here)

I pooped my pants!

The winner.

Or a 60 year old. I’m still chuckling at that.

Maybe I’m really dense, but I don’t get this one.

That’s what Just Asking Questions said, too. :smiley:

Church fart, own pew.

Turnstile sideways: destination, Bangkok.

“Mom’s on the roof.”

I know a four word short story that would be funny to other people, just not the subject -

Take my wife. Please!


4sale babyshoes – kinda poopy.

The Titanic is unsinkagurgle!

Shark passes slow swimmers

Your mom can.

I don’t know, Alaska

No, New Taxes
(comma important, in regards to George Bush (Sr.) campaign pledge)

Raping children: The Aristocrats!

“Ow!” said Jesus.

Chocolate. It’s The Immaculate Confection.