Can You Throw A Boomerang

I was sitting in the park and a man came over with a dog and started throwing a boomerang.

It was pretty cool, the guy was throwing it for like 20 minutes and he was able to throw it so it always came back.

I did feel a bit bad for Mr Dog. He kept running after it, after the guy threw it and then race back, obviously never being able to catch it.

So can you throw a boomerang? I never even had a fake one, but I doubt I could throw it so it’d come back

If you can throw one so it comes back, does it take long to learn?

Of course I can throw a boomerang. They aren’t very heavy. That whole coming back thing not so much…but I can throw the hell out of it.

I learnt to do it years ago when I was staying on a relative’s property out west. It didn’t take very long to learn. 20 minutes or so. Provided that you have the right kind of boomerang.

I doubt that I could do it now though.

It is literally childishly easy not only to throw a boomerang, but to make one.

I do so in about 5th grade- cut a boomeramg-shape out of cardboard, threw it,
and it came right back!

Might be more to it if you want to go hunting.

I can do it. I picked one up in Australia. If you can throw what’s called a “hammer” with a frisbee, throwing a boomerang is pretty much the same motion. A hammer is a forehand thrown vertically which causes the disc to turnover and typically land upside down. It’s kind of like throwing a baseball overhand.

If you throw the boomerang a couple of times you can observe its flight path and get it to return to your general area.

I had one as a kid. Whamm-O, I think. Very easy to learn to throw. Not so easy to learn to catch, however.

Wasnt there a new toy back at the end of the eighties in the US that was very popular and was like a boomerang ?

This, perhaps?

Yeah that’s it. It was rather popular when I was visiting California with my folks. People played it in the park. Now, that I come to think of it, I’m pretty sure we bought one, might give a look in my parents’ basement when I visit them next time.

Is it a long gone fad or people still use it?

I have done it. It only took a few attempts to have it come back very close to my feet.

I used to make and throw boomerangs a while back. Easy to make with a saber saw and a sander. You do need the wing shape for it to work correctly. As mentioned, it’s an overhand throw, not sidearm.

If you’re right handed, stand facing about 45 degree to the right of the wind direction and let fly with a good snap. Adjust angle to the wind and power to get it to come back.

What do they call a boomerang that won’t come back? A stick!

Here’s a good place to start.

I was quite good at throwing boomerangs when I ws a kid. Haven’t thrown one in ages though so can’t say anything about my present boomerang throwing skills.

I tried to throw one away for about a month. I couldn’t do it. I finally burned it.

The first time I ever threw one, it came back.

In the hands of our next door neighbor after it went through his window. :smack:

I used to do this when I was about 14. The boomerang was made of light wood. My father picked it up somewhere on his travels. I couldn’t get it to come back for a long time, then realized with this one it had to be chucked high and hard. The turn-around came over 100 ft away, and if it wasn’t high enough, it would hit the ground before returning all the way. I don’t think I ever got it all the way back high enough in the air to catch. If I ran forward after tossing, I had a chance of knocking it down in the air. I didn’t want catch it without gloves, it spins fairly fast. One day it got stuck pretty far up in a tree across the street, on someone’s property, and they came out and yelled at me when I started climbing the tree to get it down. It stayed up there for months, and then after a big storm, it was gone, nowhere to be found.

Years later someone gave me a plastic one. It was easier to toss and have it return. I used it a few times, then gave it to someone else. It never compared to thrill of accomplishment from learning to throw that first one I had when I was young.

Writing this jogged my memory about something else. In the early 60’s, at the drugstore where they sold the little balsa gliders and rubber band powered planes, they also had a a boomerang. It was to rectangular pieces of balsa about the size and shape of the hold wooden rulers with the beveled edge, and a plastic T-joint that slid along the longer piece, and the shorter piece was inserted into at right angles. Sliding the the joint up an down changed the flight of the boomerang. They didn’t behave exactly like a conventional boomerang, but they were fun to play with.

Absolutely. It is one of my secret skills that I rarely get to show off. As a 10 year year old, I was a boomerang master. I spent hundreds of hours practicing in our fields when I was growing. I had a couple of friends that dared me to throw one out and have it come back to hit them. I made them promise to stay in place as long as they could but they all ran when it came back attempting to give them a haircut. I wouldn’t recommend trying to catch the heavy wooden ones when they come back however. They hurt. I have been looking online for some well-made sports models of wood or heavy plastic but most of them are either lightweight knockoffs or art pieces that aren’t meant to be used. My favorite move was throwing one out far and then have it come back to helicopter and land right at my feet.

I take it if the dog had caught the boomerang, his teeth marks would somehow alter the aerodynamics of it and stop it from returning?

You don’t want to catch a heavier boomerang especially with your mouth. They spin pretty quickly and hurt. I could throw them well enough to consistently catch them but it doesn’t feel good at all.

As Charlie Drake would know, if you want your boomerang to come back, then first you’ve got to throw it.

This was the same one I had. The most memorable throw I ever executed hit a telephone pole with the trailing edge on the way out which kicked the rotation speed way up. On the return leg it was literally buzzing through the air. I decided not to try to catch it.