Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen claims, both in e-mail and in print, that this particular feat is impossible. I had always believed that, and then a couple weeks ago I discovered that I could do it (not a spontaneous ability–as part of my workout, I stretch a lot). So now I’m curious: can you do it? Does it hurt (yes for me!)?

Yes. A little bit (more just strain than real pain).

Yup. No pain. I can lay my hands flat on the floor without bending my knees, and even then there’s a only a wee bit of strain in the back on my legs.

'Course I have always been obscenely flexible.

Yes. All gymnasts, martial arts black belts, and sportsmen and women can. It just takes practice. It is definitely not impossible, and never has been.

Yep, yoga helps.

Finger tips to toes or palms flat to floor with locked knees? Practically anyone who isn’t morbidly obese or mobility impaired can do the first easily. The second is more of stretch but is no big deal. I can both and I’m not particularly slender, limber, long armed or short legged.

Fingers to toes. I can’t quite do the palms yet, but I’m gonna work on that.

Alas…I cannot.

I happen to be a bit chubby. hehhe

Yes, no probs at all. After a little warmup and stretching, I can put my hands flat palm down on the floor between my feet without feeling strain.

It’s not that bad, but I find it amazing how many people can’t do it. I haven’t strectched in ages but just getting up and bending over I could touch my toes, no pain, warmed up I’m pretty sure that I could touch my palms to the floor.


Not a chance–couldn’t even when I was younger and had no, uh, [sub]paunch[/sub].

Yup. I can touch the ground with my fingertips. It does hurt a bit if I’m not warmed up, though.


After several weeks of stretching I am finally able to do it.

I am proud.:smiley:

Not even close.

Yep–palms flat on the floor in spite of my more generous curves. I can even lie on my bed and hook my feet in the headboard behind me, but that’s probably a post for a whole different kind of thread :wink:

The main problem is it takes some concentration to make sure my knees don’t come unlocked of their own accord - but physically it’s no real problem. I was more limber back when I was still doing karate regularly, though.

Tore up my knees playing football in junior high. Didn’t get proper medical attention and my knees are pretty shot. On a good day I can touch the top of my socks.

Yeah, I can touch my pamls to the ground without bending my knees. But I’ve always been pretty flexible, and I’m still pretty young.

I can touch my palms to the ground without bending my knees, but only in front of my feet not beside them. I stretch a lot which makes this pretty easy.

Mmmmmm, Obsecenely flexible :smiley: