can you translate a Dutch word?


I’ve come across it as a moniker of the erstwhile Surinamese strongman, Desi Bouterse. Dutch, as you know, is one of the official languages of Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana).

I couldn’t find a whole-word translation using on-line dictionaries, but when I broke it down I found the following:

bevel = injunction
hebber = no direct translation, but I found “lasthebber” (commissioner) and “muziekliefhebber” (music-lover)

So: I’m guessing it translates roughly as injuction-lover, but there has to be a more appropriate (or slang?) translation. Any Dutch dopers out there?

This would mean something like “commander” (hebber is more like “haver”, not lover (the “lief” in liefhebber is “love” (as in latin/romance language version “amateur”), and a bevel is an order or command).
Ask Coldfire for a second opinion, though.

Mijn Groot Nederlands-Engels Woordenboek translates it as commander.