Can you turn your head to the left and to the right, fuckhead?

Then do it when your changing lanes asshole! It’s called checking the blind spot! You are not supposed to just zip over into the next lane, so that you almost side swipe me in my car. You are supposed to turn your head and look over your shoulder and make sure there are no cars in the blind spot. Then you can slide over. Don’t forget the signal light, moron! Listen up: Your rear view mirror doesn’t cover your blind spot. The 2 out side mirrorsdon’t cover your blind spot enough. You have to turn your head and look. What’s the matter, you got arthritis in your neck? NO EXCUSE! Turn your head and check your blind spot. You scared the hell out of me when you did that today. You think the world revolves around your fat ass? You don’t just zip into the lane like that! I had to slam my brakes and lay on the horn, and you still kept a coming! I could see your ugly face starring straight ahead while you came at me sideways:eek: I almost shit! No signal light, no checking the blind spot. You just cut on over. Then when my horn woke you up, you snapped back into your lane, and almost into the far right lane, making the poor bastard in that lane almost shit!
Driving is NOT a right! And, you should not be driving, asshole.

:mad: You know who you are!



…for a total of 19.6.

And I think that’s the best we’ve ever seen from the Milwaukee team, isn’t it, Donna?

Yes, Brad, the Cheeseheads are certainly up for this performance today, here in the Pit. Sorry we can’t say the same for the Land O’ Lincoln team, eh, Brad?

No, Donna, it seems the Downstaters’ usually able captain, Duck Duck Goose, slipped during an attempted toe loop and actually performed a double toe loop.

That’s going to cost them with the judges, Brad.

You’re right, Donna, the Swiss judge tends to be especially hard on double toe loopers.

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Hey, DDG:


A word of advice, pkbites:
Stay outta California…it’ll drive you nuts.
Driving on SoCal streets and freeways is a real-life video game.

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“We now return to our previously scheduled pit rant…”