Can you understand me? Because I can't!

I’d like to say that, AOYG who use anagrams that NKTMT are NMAPICTR. Am I TOOTOT? It seems like PAJMTTUATG! I realize that there are a few WUWU terms out there, but come on! I don’t have the TOE to decode these strands of random characters. At least WIOOT, please?

By the way:
AOYG = All of you guys
NKTMT = no-one knows the meaning to
NMAPIWCTR = Not making a point I care to read
TOOTOT = The only one tired of this
PAJMTTUATG = I’ve forgotten what this was :slight_smile:
WUWU = Widely used, Widely understood
TOE = Time or Energy
WIOOT = Write it out one time

Thank you.

PAJMTTUATG = People are just making the things up as they go

At least, TWIT.


::resisting the temptation to use acronyms::

I am not a mod, but for what it’s worth, most of the acronyms were probably asked about at one point or another. If there are any you can’t find, my wild ass guess is that the About This Message Board forum (sorry, things’re too slow for me to go get the link), and ask. As far as I know, this would be the best way to go.