Can you use hubs with home/dsl routers?

My cable modem will be 40+ feet away from several devices that need wired access to my LAN. There’s my PC right next to the modem, and then at least 2 devices on the other side of the house. I would prefer to have one cable running across the house, so can I plug one cable into a port in the router [probably this one here], run the cable across the house, plug it into a hub, and then split it between the devices over there?

I can’t simply connect the router to the cable modem with a 50 foot cable and place it near the devices because my PC (next to the modem) also needs to be connected, which would give me 2 wires running across the house anyway.

I’ve yet to ever use one of those home router/nat box/etc. devices. I know they’re not real routers in terms of their capabilities. So I’m thinking they may be hardwired to think one port = one connection/device, and therefore I couldn’t use a hub because the router wouldn’t send data for both devices down the same port.

I realize it’s a wireless router, but I probably won’t be using the wireless aspect for anything that can be hard wired.

So is it possible with those devices to run cable modem->router->50 foot cable->hub->2 devices?

That should work fine. Your router will happily assign each device a unique address on the subnet, and both should be able to connect to the internet through the cable modem no problem.

Use a switch not a hub.

Yeah, I was gonna say hubs make baby Jesus cry. :frowning:

Hell, do they even make hubs anymore? :confused:

Use the router, and then use a switch for the rest of your connections.
I have a similar setup at my house.

Hubs are pracitcally identical to switches for my purposes.

Edit: But since they’re so cheap anyway I might as well get one. I didn’t bother to make a switch/hub distinction because it wasn’t relevant to my question.

Most home users won’t notice a difference. When you have an internet connection with less than 10 mbps and a LAN of 100 mbps without a lot of local traffic, it doesn’t really matter that the box tying them all together is dumb. I have a switch and if it craps out, I’ll get another one, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone already having a hub to go buy a switch for a small home network.

I’ve also used spare wired/wireless routers for this purpose, mainly because a lot of people have spare wired ones after they switch to wireless. You just need to turn off DHCP.