Can your face stay stuck if u make a face too long?

well not actually stuck, but somehow altered. my friend has a habit of raising his left eyebrow up and now it seems that the left eye is more open than the right eye when he is relaxed.

Well, toning the facial muscles can cause a tighteing of sags and droops. Maybe your friends eye is raised on one side due to one side being more fit.

I know a certain lady that harps on me constantly for raising my left eyebrow, which she characterizes as “making a face,” and claims is permanently altering my otherwise flawless visage. This creates a noticeable feedback loop. (Nobody else admits to perceiving this increase in facial asymmetry, as it happens.)

You wouldn’t happen to be her, would you? :dubious:


And stop sitting so close to the television, you’re going to ruin your eyes.

**Don’t make me come in there! ** :smiley:


They’re called “wrinkles.”

I have and elderly aunt who’s a bit… odd.

Lets just say that she has the hugest collection of QVC dolls known to man, and at one point she sold her house and moved into a condo so she could buy more.

Ahem. Anyhow, in her youth, on a particular day, she decided to make faces at herself in the mirror. For a very, very long time.

The muscles cramped and she had a snarl of some description on there for quite some time (until the muscles relaxed - about 2 hours, if I recall.)

So yes, your face really can “stick that way” although I think you have to work at it, and it’s not permanant.

O ye gds! So, I should have listened more respectufully to that old motherly saying “if the wind changes, your face will get stuck like that”? :eek:

No, but typing in all lower-case and spelling the word “you” without the letters ‘y’ and ‘o’ causes syphilis.

As you get older, the wrinkles develop as an echo to the faces you most typically make. My father has deep scowling lines on his forehead, my mother has adorable laughing lines around her eyes, and that tells you everything about my family that you need to know, I guess.