Canada and American Draft Dodgers....

Didn’t Ronald Reagan put an end to things like this back in the 1980’s?

I’m not sure where you get Reagan.

Jimmy Carter gave a general amnesty to Viet Nam draft dogers.

IIRC he took the oath of office, went in and signed the papers and then took his walk down Penn. Ave.

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Do you understand the difference between a guy who volunteered and a guy who was drafted?

Canada didn’t extradite draft dodgers back in the Vietnam era because dodging the draft wasn’t a crime in Canada. However, desertion from the military IS a crime in Canada, and Canada will certainly send the deserters back rather than granting them asylum. After all, there is a very easy way for people who oppose war to avoid serving in the military, namely NOT JOINING THE FUCKING MILITARY.

Since there is no draft and will be no draft there is no issue. Don’t join the military if you don’t want to be a part of the military. If you are given orders you don’t agree with, refuse to follow the orders. The worst that will happen is that you’ll be kicked out of the military, maybe with a little jail time and a black mark on your name. But running away? If what the military is doing is so horrible that you refuse to be a part of it, why in hell are you running away rather than fighting it?

Stay and take your lumps and speak out against it, or shut your mouth and obey orders.

These people are cowards, pure and simple, no matter how you look at it.

I was under the impression that while in office, Ronald Reagan signed some agreement with Canada stating that the FBI could now cross the border to “retrieve” Draft Dodgers, Deserters, Felons on the run, and anyone else the Gov’t was after.

ADDED NOTE: draft dodgers in any wars after Vietnam

Generally speaking, I agree with this. There are some subtleties, though, including the naive suckers who really believed everything their recruiter told them. For instance, I know a young kid who just recently joined with an eye toward being in the USMC Band. He’s doing great, got through basic and combat training, etc., and after a successful audition is now part of a USMC band. He’s also shipping out to Afghanistan for combat duty very soon. He’s not complaining, and is in fact proud to serve, but this illustrates the disconnect between expectations and reality among many recruits.

Also, for what it’s worth, Canada has a proud history of accepting dissenting Americans - I have long Canadian Tory roots on one side of my family because they fled over the border in 1776.

Noperooni. US law enforcement officers are not permitted to pop into Canada to snatch folks. They have done it on occasion, but without legal authority in Canada.


I have long Canadian Tory roots on one side of my family because they fled over the border in 1776.

“Tory”? Do you mean “United Empire Loyalist”? These days in Canada, a Tory is a member of the Conservative party.

Ya know, this sort of reminds me of a joke I once heard in a nightclub. It went

" Hey, Over the years I’ve met a lot of people that hate Vietnamese because of the war and all. Me myself I don’t hate them one bit. I love the the Vietnamese. A Vietnamese family saved my dad back in the war…They hid him up in Toronto till it was all over"


I have long Canadian Tory roots on one side of my family because they fled over the border in 1776.

But back then they were Tories. A United Empire Loyalist is (IIRC) someone who had ancestors on the English side of the American Revolution.

My mother has been invited to belong to both the DAR and the UAL (and has done neither).

United Air Lines? :smiley: