Canada and the Coronavirus

I haven’t seen any discussion of that. There are always going to be some edge cases that the rules don’t cover; at some point we have to rely on people to use their heads. So, don’t plan travel in that window if you can avoid it, but if the travel is essential, the people implementing the rules need to understand that they can’t require an impossibility.

But this will (hopefully!) be a short-term problem. If the people who need to be told to get vaxxed would just get on with it, we’ll eventually get past this mess.

I ask because this might actually apply to me. My son does turn 12 in December, and we will likely travel to see family for Christmas, which will be before he is fully vaccinated (unless the vaccine for kids is approved earlier, as I fervently hope)

New modeling out. Do like the new visualization of vaccination rate against covid incidence

Your son is eligible to be vaccinated now, as he will turn 12 in 2021.

The Anti-vaxxers like to take one piece of information out of context and make outlandish claims like “vaccinated people carry the same viral load?!?.!”, but the differences in infection, hospitalization, ICU admission, and death is proved out by this.

It also make me proud that Canadians stepped up*

*AB and SK, we will talk in private later so as not to air dirty family laundry in public.

Ah but the new talking point seems to be that the vaccinated are spreading it because they have the virus but are all asymptomatic. We don’t have a true picture of the number of vaccinated people with the virus because they aren’t getting tested because they’re asymptomatic.

There is just no reasoning with some people.

Hmm, I haven’t seen that talking point yet. The one I’ve seen a couple dozen times the past 2 weeks, from both Americans and Canadians on Twitter responding to trending US and Canadian news stories, is that last year we called the vaccine-refusing healthcare and cops getting fired heroes and now we’ve all turned on these people who’ve worked so hard to keep us safe :roll_eyes:

Those living in Ontario can now get their official proof of vaccination certificates, or at least will be able to within the next few days, depending on month of birth. They are staggering access to prevent overloading their servers.

The way it works is a bit confusing. This is NOT an app that you download. The Verify Ontario app is the thing used by businesses to verify vaccination status by scanning a QR code. The actual certificate with your unique QR code is just a digitally signed PDF file that you can download from the same Health Ontario website and with the same credentials where you booked your original appointments (it also works if you got your shots at a pharmacy or a walk-in mass clinic). You can either print it and/or transfer it to your phone.

I have no idea how secure this certificate is against forgery, but the QR footprint is huge and undoubtedly contains a lot of authenticity checks known only to the validating app. A forger could copy the entire QR code but then it wouldn’t match the user’s identity info. I suppose this may eventually be supplanted by a more secure federally issued digital document.

My understanding is that QR code contains:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Vaccine 1 type, date, Lot #
  • Vaccine n type, date, lot #

as well as the digital signature as signed with the Ministry of Health’s public key.

Of course they are still allowing the old PDF to be used, which is trivial to modify. You wouldn’t want to upset people who bothered to forge their own receipt, would you?