Canadain Police Hats

I gave a case of the sniffles which I am treating with (Strawberry!) wine and DVDs of Corner Gas.

In one scene, we can see the top of one of the two police officer’s hats. There is a thin blue piping running across the crown, wither front to back or ear to ear.

Is there an historic reason for that?

Too bad about the sniffles (I have a chest cold right now, so I commiserate); good deal on the “Corner Gas” dvds. :smiley:

The first thing you need to know about them is that a small Saskatchewan town does not have one police officer, let alone two. They would have a visiting Mountie from a local division who stops by regularly. Beyond that, I really can’t speak to the hats very much. Davis and Karen are not Mounties. (Not implying that all Mounties are gay - it’s just hard to find a picture of real Mounties, not the tarted-up ones in the ceremonial red jacket and all).

Well, to be fair, the detachment has to be somewhere. Dog River wouldn’t be big enough to have a detachment all to itself, but it could be the location of one for the surrounding area. And not all small towns are stuck with Mounties - didn’t you know Corman Park has its own police service these days? Course, from what I hear they’re kinda useless, but it’s not exactly a hotbed of criminal activity.

Can’t help with the piping but I found a place that sells them. (RCMP hats)

Thank you all.