Canada's Minister of Finance has a rare skin disorder: 7 cases per million

Canada’s Minister of Finance has announced he has a rare skin disorder, bullous pemphigoid, and is on steroids, responding to rumours that he has cancer, has a drinking problem, etc: Flaherty reveals battle with skin disease in bid to quiet rumours.

I’ve never heard of it - seems to be an autoimmune disease that causes skin lesions and blistering: Flaherty diagnosed with bullous pemphigoid: But what is it?

He’s advised the Prime Minister about it and has assured him that he can still carry out the job.

I wish him well - doesn’t sound like it’s life-threatening, but doesn’t sound like much fun, either.

I definitely do not share the Conservative Party of Canada’s vision, but I certainly hope he makes a speedy recovery. Prednisone DOES make one appear bloated, especially in the face, and completely would explain the changes in his appearance. I hope that now the press can leave him alone, he is definitely a very private person when it comes to his own life.

Sticky fingers?


I am looking forward to the 24-hour coverage on “Canada 360”. :slight_smile:

The MD that talks on morning radio here discussed it this morning. It sounds very treatable with the steroid prednisone. He should be able to ride it out and fully recover in a number of months.

The images of the disease that showed up after a search are not pleasant.

Never google medical conditions. Ever.