Canadian Army-Half Price stores

Here in NE, there is a chain of stores that sells all manner of discounted merchandise-it is like the “Dollar Stores”. Just last week, the chain announced they had new Canadian Army field jackets (all of them size “small”)-in the amount of 40,000 jackets!
Since the canadian army has around 20,000 full-time soldiers, what on earth was the CA’s quartermaster thinking? Do they regularly buy up TWICE the amount of clothing they need? -and then just sell it off?
Or were they planning to recruit a lot of small-sized soldiers? At any rate, the jackets look like the US Armie’s standard camoflage field jackets-whoever stuck the Canadians with them did a good job!
PS-if you wanna buy one, they are only $14.99!:confused:

Of course, it could simply be that they are not, in fact, Canadian jackets. For one thing, there’s no such thing as “the Canadian Army.” The Canadian Armed Forces do not have an organization called “Army.” It’s organized a little differently. There are also a lot more than 20,000 soldiers in the Canadian forces; I think the full time roster is about 60,000, plus 20,000 reservists, many of whom are de facto full time soldiers, so there’s a lot of uniforms around.

Or they could be Canadian jackets. The Canadian forces have made a lot of uniform changes lately, including entirely new combat uniforms and the abandonment of the horrid “Garrison dress” uniform, so there should be a lot of obsolete uniforms out there.