Canadian Beef

So, I was in Toronto this weekend, and ordered a burger for dinner, done medium.

Oh, it was glorious. The ground meat patty arrived on a toasted bun with the usual lettuce, onion, and tomato, as well as cheddar and mushrooms. The incredible thing about this burger, though, was that it was still pink in the middle. More than that, at the very center it was barely warm. I devoured the soft, succulent sandwich, and contemplated the laws and litagous attitude in the States that prevent restaurants from serving burgers anything less then hyper-well scorched.

I don’t know about the legal aspect, but it’s still not safe…

I got some juicy Canadian beef (pre-wrapped, of course) for you right here, you cutie-pie. :smiley:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Alberta beef is where it’s at. It’s mouth watering and will keep you coming back for more!

The meat there wasn’t very well cooked.
Trin ordered her steak Med-Well. It should have been nice and cooked, but it was still red on the inside.

I ate it for her as I like my steak rare.

I would chalk this up to poorly cooked. Even rare stakes are nice and warm inside.

That was the nice thing about the steaks we had that night. They were Alberta beef. :slight_smile:


I would never, ever, EVER have any ground beef that is commercially prepared anything but well done (completely cooked).

I enjoy the odd bit of steak tartar but not without preparing it myself. Mom got a nasty hit of ecoli a couple of years back from nipping at some ground beef as she was making burgers. Shitting blood for a couple of weeks in the hospital is something that she doesn’t want to go through again. Man, we thought she was going to die for a while… all because of uncooked hamburger.

Now, if I were to make it myself and ensure that the meat grinder was completely clean and disinfected, sure. But not if I didn’t see it done myself.

Oh yeah, Alberta beef is where its at.

Theres something besides Alberta beef? How odd

Ooooooooh, yeah. Medium-rare burgers and steaks. From our own cow and processed by the local award-winning* meat locker. At least, when I cook them. When my mother cooks them they come out like shoe leather** :mad:

[sub]*Yes, award-winning. Whodathunk there’s such a thing as national competitions for which meat locker makes the best summer sausage, jerky, or hot dogs?

**Which is odd, cos she’s a GREAT cook; she just cooks steaks and burgers into oblivion. The weirdo [/sub]