Canadian Custody Law Question. (Relocating to another province.)

Can a parent (Who is now married with another child.) with sole custody of a child relocate to another province within the country?

If so, will the ‘permision’ of the parent that has ‘access’ be required?

I can’t answer this, but I’m confident of one thing…

Don’t DARE rely on any answer you get here, unless it includes a link to an authoritative Canadian government link that states so unambiguously. Frankly, I’d doubt whether the answer is so cut-and-dried that it will be anwered clearly on any web page.

I don’t know whether you or someone you know is the parent, but these kind of questions are FAR too serious to rely on anonymous unsubstantiated answers.

Although I agree with yojimboguy, I do know that my best friend’s family moved to Ontario from Quebec - even though the parents were divorced. It had been several years, and the mother had custody of the two kids, and was in a common-law situation. IIRC, court arrangements were made regarding alimony and visitation, but the ex was ok with the decision at the time.

Although permission is not required per se, be prepared for the entire custody and access arrangements to be re-opened, and be prepared to continue with the existing access arrangements until the Court says otherwise. The court will look at anything relevant to the best interests of the child. There are far to many variables to be considered to provide an opinion on-line. The Law Society of Upper Canada has a phone number in your phone book for Lawyer Referral, which will put you in touch with a family lawyer who will speak to you for half an hour to help you decide which way to turn. Beyond that, hire a lawyer now rather than later. IAAL in Ontario.

That’s all for the info!