Canadian Dopers: are you scared of Justin Trudeau?

The reason I ask is because our current government seems to spend a lot of time scare-mongering about this young dynamic politician. Just this week I’ve seen news stories about how OMG he visited a mosque full of terrorists! (And our terrorist-hating government has let this hotbed of extremism sit unmolested for several years because…?) And he’s going to legalize pot! (If you want to know where to get pot these days, ask a high school kid. If it was legal, it would actually be much harder to get ahold of!) And the best part, he’s going to let those corrupt natives keep their financial secrets so they can continue robbing you blind! (And why exactly is it we have a problem with a native chief making $800k on a real estate deal when this is considered perfectly acceptable everyday behavior for those with less melanin in their skin? I commend the chief for getting paid. We live in a capitalist society which tells people all the time every day that this is what they are supposed to be doing!)

We’re supposed to be scared. The messaging tells me exactly who is scared and it isn’t the Canadian public. I initially liked the Harper government because they were solid financial administrators in a time when we needed exactly that. But now they have overstayed their welcome and they are starting to get just as power-drunk as the government they replaced. When ideology begins to trump common sense (see for example supervised injection sites, an idea with one hundred percent support from anyone who knows anything about the issue) it is time for a change.

Justin Trudeau does not scare me. I think he will be an eager, earnest Prime Minister who actually, honestly has the interests of this vast country at heart and in mind. The current government’s messaging about Mr. Trudeau is having the exact opposite intended effect. Rather than run away from him, I am much more likely to vote for him, based solely on how much the Conservatives hate and fear him.

I don’t think he’s scary. If anyone scares me, it’s the friggin’ Conservative government.

And that’s all I’ll say for now. I don’t feel like getting into political arguments on the Dope.

I remember his dad. I liked his dad. If he’s anything like his dad, Canada could do much worse.

Give 'em hell JT.

It’s a problem because we, the taxpayers, pay for that chief’s salary and benefits.

If I own shares in ABC Inc., I know what the CEO is getting paid. As a taxpayer, I know what the PM is getting paid. I also know what the Premier of my province is getting paid. I know what MPs are getting paid; I know what MLAs/MPPs are getting paid. All of this is public knowledge.

But as a taxpayer, I had no idea what Native leaders are getting paid. I pay them, through taxes, and I don’t know what they’re getting. Now I do–and it disgusts me. It also seems to disgust many Natives, who had no idea how badly they were getting ripped off by their leaders. Our money should be helping individual Natives–no, it’s going to Chiefs and Councilors (y’know, the Chief’s friends). This must stop, and now we know where the rot lies.

So you like to be cheated? You like to have your money removed from you? Hell, I bet that you work harder for your money than that chief does, and you think he should earn more than you?

Not me. That Chief should be held accountable (why does he deserve over $900,000 of my and your money?), and why did his band know nothing about it?

The Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau, is pinning its hope on Justin’s father’s coattails: “Look! He’s a Trudeau! Like a Kennedy! It’s a dynasty!” Yeah, well, there’s a reason Ted Kennedy never became president: because he would suck at it.

Justin has only his father’s name. He does not have his father’s educational credentials, he does not have his father’s charisma, he is not his father in any way. Hell, he’s only qualified to be Prime Minister in the same way that Amy Carter is qualified to be President: because they both occupied 24 Sussex/1600 Pennsylvania respectively, when their fathers were Head of Government.

The discussion concerning Attawapiskwatillustrated the problem on-reserve cronyism misdirecting government funds.

Trudeau does not have the chops. I wish he did, for the Harper government is out of control (or more correctly, over controlling).

Hell, no, not scared. I signed up for the Liberals just so I could vote for him.

I know he’s not his father, but one can hope!

Harper is destroying the Canada I love. :frowning: That’s what scares me.

Justin does not scare me. However, he has yet to convince me that he has anything going for him other than his name. In his published statements, he sounds frightfully jejune.

Which is too bad, as this country badly needs an alternative to Harper and the federal Conservatives: they have grown, as is the Canadian political habit, terribly complacent and dictatorial with such a long stretch in power unchallenged.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Liberals keep choosing leaders for what look to this political outsider to be really bad reasons. They chose Ignatieff because he was a noted academic, and they chose Justin because of his name. In my opinion they ought to be choosing someone with leadership abilities “in the political trenches”, but what do I know?

Not at all, what is there to fear? Skeptical; maybe. But fear?

Nope. Another 4 years of PC government is what scares me.

I don’t want to get into the nuances of what I think about the political climate of Canada but I’m young enough that the Conservatives have never appealed to me. The recent slew of attack ads I’ve seen only make me chuckle.

Attack ad: Do you want Justin Trudeau to LEGALIZE marijuana so our children will SMOKE IT?

People’s reaction: He’s going to legalize marijuana? Sweeeeet!

Layton made two huge errors. First, he chose not to unite the left. Second, he died.

If the Liberals could come up with someone with the experience and drive of Layton, they’d sweep out the Harpers either on their own on via a coalition. Instead, they have chosen a recognizable pretty boy with no experience other than speaking at fundraisers and sitting in the House on very minor opposition/critic portfolios. It’s a step up from an ex-pat with zero parliamentary experience, but it’s still no way to win an election.

Am I scared of him? Of course not. That’s just the Harpers running attacks, as they did with Ignatieff and as they did with Dion. Am I scared of the Harpers? Yes.

Want another Trudeau as PM? Keep your eyes on his grand-daughter Sarah Coyne – but expect to wait a couple of decades. In the mean time, how about running someone with substance and experience.

He’s small potatoes, compared to nepotists like
Rand Paul and Jeb Bush barking at his heels on his southern border.

DWMarch posted:

Well said, I totally agree! The Conservatives complain that he has not put forward a platform to run on. I say that it would be stupid to do so at this point, it would simply give the Conservatives something to shoot at. Better to wait until the actual campaign starts then lay out his platform. Thus the Conservative smear campaign. :smiley:

Sure, just like Dad did.

Let me see

Sold out Alberta with the national energy policy
Sold out Newfoundland with the fishing industry
Suspected of being a Soviet Spy, resulting in Canada being deliberatly excluded from inteligence matters.

On personal level , my dislike of his Dad has to do with the metric system that we did not need.

But the man had his own principles and stuck by them, I could trust the man to screw me. The man won several majorities and is respected in terms of being a great Canadian.

I dont see his spawn being anything but a weather vane, and no, I am not going to see the spawn in power with my vote.


I doubt his ability to be a great prime minister, but I’ll give him credit for having more charisma than poor old Michael Ignatieff.

There was one attack ad on the radio that always amused and confused me, where a concerned mother was worried about legalized marijuana getting into kids’ hands like cigarettes and alcohol. I never could figure out what the point was supposed to be:

  • Alcohol and cigarettes should be made illegal just like marijuana?

  • Making the purchasing of marijuana illegal will keep marijuana out of childrens’ hands, even though making it illegal to purchase alcohol and cigarettes has apparently failed to do so?

  • Hi, Opal?

Not to mention the insanely pathetic nature of their attempts to slam him. Talking about a willingness to legalize marijuana, or the fact he’s a relative newbie, like he was personally funding ISIS’s Canadian chapter.

This one is the best. Christ

Tory wank: "Have Trudeau (on repeat) taking off his shirt. That’ll win us some votes!
Tory wink: “That sounds… sexy.”
Tory wank: “Exactly! That’ll scare away the voters.”
Tory wink: “Are you sure that’s enough?”
Tory wank: “Maybe splice in a 15 year old quote too”
Tory wink: “Why 15 years old? The dumbass says stupid shit everyday”
Tory wank: “No worries it’ll all work out.”

That’s roughly my opinion… as an Albertan I can’t pay attention to federal politics until right before elections though.

To be fair, with that moustache he has a lot to answer for.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. (<.<) (>.>)