Canadian Dopers - recommend a funny history/travel book about your country!

I discovered the great Bill Bryson from his writing on the English language. I tried reading some William Safire and it didn’t do it for me. However, Bryson’s wit and wisdom clicked with me, and I’ve become a voracious reader. Favorite book of his is probably Notes From a Small Island - for an American who spent a lot of time in the UK, it just resonated with me.

His travel books are brilliant, and really draw you into the culture and history of a place. And he’s funny, laugh-out-loud funny…

So, as we prepare for our annual trip - which will be to Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal, and Quebec City - and I thought that I would love to read a Bryson-esque survey of the history and culture of the places I’m visiting. More importantly, even though I visit Canada fairly often, I’m also pretty ignorant about our neighbour to the north.

Can Canadopers, or any dopers for that matter, steer me to a good book or two that might enhance my travels? It will also likely be my summer read, so bring your best stuff!

There’s Will Ferguson’s Beauty Tips From Moose Jaw, although it doesn’t really go into the spots you’re visiting. It is however, an amusing, Bryson-esque read about a lot of spots across Canada.