Canadian Drug Sites

I am trying to find alternative sources for some of my husband’s and my prescription drugs. I googled the phrase ‘drugs from canada’ and came up with so many I have no idea who is reliable and who isn’t. Does anyone know of a good site for this? Thanks

I have been doing this successfully for years. I started out at a Canadian site, but have switched to one out of Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific.

The prices are a fraction of what we pay here in the US. The drugs are the same, not generic, but some go by a different name in other countries. Plus, you have the option to return any unopened portion if you choose. There is no extra charge for shipping, and you don’t even need a prescription. The package usually arrives within 2 weeks. (They suggest you allow for 4 weeks, in case they get held up in customs, but I have never had that happen.)

I WAS paying 86.00 for a months supply at the local pharmacy. Now I pay 109.00 (-$5 for my return customer discount) for THREE months worth.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 20 years ago. Year after year, I would go to the Dr. and he would ask, “How are you feeling?” I would answer, “Pretty much the same.” Then he would write out my prescription for another years worth of anti-inflamitories, and I would pay him about 80 bucks. I hated paying this guy that much money to scribble the same prescription year after year.

So in the end, I am saving a whole lot by doing it this way.

They don’t carry any hard core narcotic pain killers or anything addictive. But check them out and see if they carry what you need.

4 Corners Pharmacy is a message forum just for this purpose.