Canadian-English dual citizenship through grandparent?

I was reading over this thread and one of the (several) hijacks was talking about the right to citizenship of certain countries.

I’m a Canadian citizen with grandparents of English background. Now, I’m thinking about heading over to England after my current contract expires to work on one of the films that they have in production in London. Even though my experience level qualifies me to work in the country there are benifits to being and English citizen as well (plus I like the idea of having dual citizenship.)

Now my parents never became English citizens (my father is the one I’d be going through, and he was born in Canada) but my paternal grandmother was indeed an English citizen.

I look on the English gov’t sites relating to right to citizenship but found very little information about this particular situation.

My general question is this: Does someone with a grandmother with english citizenship have entitlement to that same citizenship even if my parents are not English citizens?



From here:

Looks like you’re out of luck.