Canadian Immigrating to Mexico--any problems?

I’d like to move to Mexico and work for a little while.

Does anyone have any experience with this they could share? I’m an engineer with a graduate degree, unmarried, and I’d like to take my car.

What’s the best way to get started with something like this?

Well, do you speak Spanish?

You’d need Mexican car insurance, which is easy and relatively cheap, even for full coverage. Consider Medivac coverage if you don’t trust Mexican medical system. You’d have to “import” your car – it’s $15 for 6 months, but you need a non-Mexican credit card, or leave a huge cash bond. This is to keep out the chocolates, that is, the illegally imported and non-taxed cars.

You also need a company to sponsor you, just like in the United States, and probably easier than in Canada. I tell you I used to have the hardest time just getting to Oakville for meetings. The honesty dried up and the casino was always my destination after being stopped for three friggin hours in Windsor for being honest.

You can work there as a contract employee fairly easily, and just work wetback style (lots of Americans did when I was working there) and get out of the country every 30 days or so.

What kind of engineer are you?

I’d consider doing the same thing in a heartbeat, but rather continue engineering I’d open my microbrewery. :slight_smile: