Canadian Pharmacy Question

The last few years I’ve purchased Lipitor and now generic “Lipitor” from a Canadian pharmacy. I receive my order usually 2-3 weeks later, which I am advised when the order is placed. However, sometimes I receive the prescription from different foreign countries (Switzerland, India, etc.). The pills always come to me in sealed manufacturers’ packaging. I could care less, but I’m curious how these pharmacies operate. Obviously they (or at least mine) doesn’t stock the drugs. Anyone know?

I think it could just be ‘drop shipping’. As in, when you order from the pharmacy, they order from their supplier and have it shipped directly to you. It’s not that uncommon really.

Are you purchasing online? If you are, I’d at least strongly suggest checking them out on . No, this isn’t an ad, just some ‘better safe…’ advice.

Many online pharmacies aren’t exactly on the level.


I checked into “Canadian Pharmacy” and found it to be a straitforward scam based in Russia. I have also heard in the media that when you buy Rx’s in the mail you most often get fake pills and some of them are actually dangerous.

I don’t think he’s saying the name of the pharmacy is “Canadian Pharmacy.”

Er, are you? If so, and if the website was in Cyrillic…