Canadian standby flights?!

I’m looking around on the web for standby flights for Toronto-Vancouver, and I can’t find a thing! Doesn’t anyone offer standby fares anymore?

bump. no flying canucks out there?

Sorry. I have flown standby in Canada numerous times in the past, but not in the past several years. I don’t know what the current situation is, though I haven’t heard that it’s changed. I would recommend not looking on the web or through any travel agency type organization, but calling airlines directly. I believe I always bought my tickets directly from the counter at the airport.

AirCanada will send out web-saver fares - if they have a glut of a particular flight they offer it at discounted rates. However, they don’t offer all destinations every week, and you have to leave on Fri or Sat and return on Sun or Mon.

As far as actual standby, I only know about it for those flying on passes. (Eg. - A relative works for an airline.)